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A truly high end model.

Sindre is a traditional airbearing turntable / airbearing tonearm combination. The platter floats on a thin air film centered by a spindle, and mounted with a linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Sindre is extremely simple to adjust and operate. The air supply is so noiseless, that it can be placed in the listening room.


Sindre is built around a 88 mm massive block, in a 3 layer fibre board. The plinth is hung up stiffly to secure an optimal stability for the linear tracking airbearing tonearm. The plinth is placed on 3 adjustable spikes to obtain a simple adjusting of level. Spikes are choosen, rather than other solutions, because of the stability. Spikes are made of a stiff material and secure the turntable's horizontal adjustment. This form a glaring contrast to soft feet which, in time, will collapse. At the same time, the spikes provide the smallest contact surface as possible to avoid that vibrations from the substructure is transmitted to the turntable.

The back panel of the plinth contains:

1. WBT plugs which provides the user with the possibility of using his or her preferred interconnect.

2. Air flow adjustment for the tonearm and the platter. Easy accessible and user-friendly.

3. Air supply entrance and motor control connection.


Sindre's bearing is the closest you will get to Sleipners ultimate bearing solution. The airbearing consist of two aluminium discs between which the air supply creates a thin frictionless air film. The spindle is centered in a bearing housing made of a very hardwearing and extremely frictionless technical polymeric. The material, which is vibration muffling in itself, has a five times longer life than e.g. bronze bearings.

Platter and the clamp  

The 3,2 kg subplatter, which is made in solid aluminium, provides, in combination with the 4 kg acrylic platter, a well-balanced, vivid and dynamic reproduction of the music. When the clamp is screwed on the taps thread, the subplatter, platter and record gets tightened into one heavy and very stable rotating unit. An O-ring in the bottom of the clamp prevents the record in slipping on the platter. In this way you prevent the record in causing small, fast decelerations.


The tonearm is a linear tracking airbearing tonearm. It tracks the record as it is pressed. A linear tracking airbearing tonearm can be produced in several ways. We have choosen the following construction: A long fixed air pipe with small vents creates a frictionless air film on which a sliding pipe gently floats. The arm tube is mounted on this sliding pipe. In this construction you avoid an air tube which inevitably interferes with the arm's freedom of movement. This type of arm is simple to adjust perfectly. The tonearm is made in a very hard aluminium alloy to secure the best stability as possible. The arm tube is made of carbon fibre - again to secure the best stability as possible. The head shell, made in the same hard aluminium alloy as the rest of the tonearm, is completely parallel with the sliding pipe, which results in a perfect azimuth. The internal wire is twisted in one piece from clips to plugs to avoid too many solderings in the extremely sensitive signal path. The tonearm has VTA adjustment and a possibility for perfect horizontal adjustment of the air pipe, independent of the plinth. The tonearm can be moved forward and backward on the plinth. Adjustment tools are enclosed.

Motor control


Air supply

The air supply has been the object to one of our greatest attentions. The air must be even, clean and dry. Impulses from the pump are absorbed in an encapsulated reservoir. This results in an even air flow to the air bearings. The air supply is mounted with a filter, which prevents small dust particles in entering the system. This filter is exchangeable , if necessary. Furthermore, there is a container for the accumulation of condense. This condense container is placed on the back of the air supply and is easy to empty for condense water. The choosen pump is very reliable, and the total solution has a noise level so low that it can be placed in the listening room.


Sindre can be upgraded to battery power. You simply connect our battery power supply via the LEMO plug outlet on the back panel of the turntable.                                                                                                                                                 

Technical specifications 

Turntable:                                                Airsupported platter, centred by a steel spindle/hardweared                                                                low friction polymer bearing. DC motor. Beltdriven.

Plinth:                                                      Solid fibre board.

Platter:                                                     Acryl, 4 kg.

Subplatter:                                                Aluminium, 3,2 kg.

Total weight:                                              23 kg.

Dimensions:                                               475 x 500 x 210 (D x W x H)

Tonearm:                                                   Linear tracking airbearing tonearm. Hard aluminium                                                                  alloy/carbon.

Effective mass:                                           10 gr.

Motorcontrol:                                               Seperate, 33 & 45 rpm.

Airsupply:                                                    Silent, clean, dry and smooth airflow.

Weight:                                                        8,4 kg.

Dimensions:                                                  415 x 210 x 220 (D x W x H) 




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Giradiscos con brazo. pvp: 14.700 €