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Altavoces de suelo, en acabado standar. Es suministrado con un crossover con componentes Mundorf, cableado de cobre y puntas de desacoplo de acero.

( Kaiser )

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?? ...a completely natural-sounding, threedimensional musical picture that hangs in space behind the loudspeakers ?? while they just disappear.??
Jeremy Baldwin (The Right Note, UK)

The Kawero!® Vivace has grown out of the develop-
ment programme for the larger Kawero!® Classic
loudspeaker that has drawn numerous 'best sound at
the show' comments in recent years.

Both speakers are designed to produce, from a
compact cabinet, a huge hall-filling sound with lifelike
instruments and voices 'present' in the room.

A key feature of these speakers is the way they work
with the room's natural ambient response, together with
the characteristics of human hearing, to achieve the
correct power, scale and tonal balance in the listening
room. Extensive acoustics modelling has ensured that
the direct and reflected sound-field combine correctly,
with all the tonal colours of the sound in perfect

Soaring, enthralling, involving music is the result.


  • Design optimised to work with the characteristics of human hearing and real-world room acoustics
  • Custom made Mundorf AMT ribbon tweeter in a separate housing with variable time alignment
  • The best Illuminator midrange and rear firing bass drivers by Scan Speak
  • 3D computer optimised enclosure design, made of the most advanced materials available
  • Tankwood-carbon baffle sandwich
  • Time, phase and resonance-optimised filter design in proprietary parallel and serial configuration.

Technical Specifications

3-way design (reflex loaded midrange and woofer)

Bandwidth: 29 Hz to 26 kHz ± 1.5 dB
Sensitivity: 88 dB @ 2.83 V / 1 m
Impedance: minimum 3.41 /-10.3° at 140 Hz
Recommended Power: 50 watts minimum

Connectors: single wiring

Height: 47.5 in (120.5 cm)
Width: 13.0 in (33 cm)
Depth: 19.5 in (49.5 cm)

Weight: 181 lbs (82 kg) each


The standard Kawero!® Vivace comes with a colour lacquered cabinet. You can choose from any RAL or NCS colours. Special lacquerings available on demand. The front baffle can be laminated with carbon mesh or wood veneer. High Gloss lacquering is available.


The standard Kawero!® Vivace comes with copper wiring, a crossover made with standard Mundorf components and steel spikes. It is available in standard colours or wood veneers. The surface finish is semi glossy. There is also at extra cost a wide choice of fancy and exotic veneers, almost any paint colour and high gloss or piano lacquer finish. Upgrades for the Kawero!® Vivace that can be retrofitted include:

  • A Supreme crossover with the best silver/gold/oil Mundorf capacitors and VertexAQ structural acoustic absorption techniques together with VertexAQ radar absorbing material to reduce Electromagnetic Interference
  • Mundorf silver/gold internal wiring
  • Stillpoint feet
  • A carbon-fibre baffle for extra rigidity

Reviews & Mentions


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Los acabados standar son pinturas de alta calidad para todas las caras o también las caras laterales y traseras pintadas y el frontal de acabado en madera.El acabado de la superficie en semi-brillo.

Los acabados en alto brillo, maderas de lujo, fibra de carbono o lacado piano tendrán un coste adicional.