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Amplificador integrado 70w válvulas KT-120. IVA NO INCLUIDO


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The T2000 is Kang Su??s highly flexible 70 watts per channel push pull KT150 (or KT120) integrated amplifier with a switchable triode mode, pre outs and optional power amplifier mode. This is a value packaged unit boasting a motorized 41 Silver Stepped Attenuator, 4 inputs including an XLR, massive output transformers, easy lift chassis, Permalloy transformer cores, soft start circuitry and Analogue Power Tube Current Monitors. The T2000 is quite capable of driving most difficult loads and like all Allnic products has a wonderfully natural and coherent presentation with beautiful tone, dimension and presence. This is one of the finest sounding integrateds available and as you would expect has reviewed incredibly well. Available in silver or black. 2 year warranty on all Allnic Audio Products , 1 year on factory supplied tubes. Part exchange welcome, just get in touch for in-store and home demo. STOP PRESS: The T2000 integrated now ships with the exciting new Tung Sol KT-150 Tube. This is a fairly sizeable upgrade from the old KT120 T2000. Existing owners can also upgrade immediately to this new valve. Here??s what one Lotus customer said after switching over: ??After listening late into the evening I can say that installing the KT150 valves into the T2000 yesterday has transformed the sound to an extent I would not have thought possible. It has dramatically improved in all respects. Everything is much more clearly defined, better articulated and more accurately represented. The first most notable aspect is how much more quiet the background now is.An ??electronic?? background has been replaced by the real ambience of the concert hall. When listening to a favourite 1984 LP recording of Mahler??s 4th and with eyes closed there was no hint of there being speakers in the room at all. What was there was a vividly clear sonic picture of the orchestra in the concert hall and I was sitting midway back in the stalls.The physical space was practically visible. Each instrument was more accurately represented in terms of its characteristic tone, colour and dynamic range and also where it was in the three dimensional space of the concert hall. It was both proportional and in perspective. The other improvement was in timing and flow. The music flowed more naturally, with more energy and life making the listening pleasure more intense. The KT 150s have made a significant improvement, which for a couple of hundred pounds is remarkable.? Key features of the Allnic T2000 stereo integrated amplifier: 70 watts of high power output in pentode mode more than 35 watts of ??SET like? power output in triode mode ??on-the-fly? pentode/triode switching in-house manufactured, 41 stepped, silver contact attenuator analog power tube current monitoring meters exceptionally easy bias controls ??soft-start? circuitry individual fuse protection for power tubes one pair of RCA preamp outputs four pairs of RCA inputs and pair of XLR inputs 4 and 8 ohm speaker terminals (8 and 16 by factory order) solid, high quality remote control The T2000 stereo integrated amplifier offers stability, power and finesse, and incredible bass, dynamics and resolution in a reliable, easy to maintain, flexible ?? and stunningly beautiful ?? package. REVIEW: Allnic T2000 ?? Kevin Fiske, HifiWigwam: Allnic T2000 ?? Cliff Orman: Allnic T2000 ?? Dagogo, Greg Patan: Allnic T2000 ?? InnerEar, David McCallum: Allnic T2000 ?? InnerEar, Ernie Fisher: