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Altavoces de suelo de absoluta referencia.

( German Physiks )

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German Physiks


The Emperor is a smaller version of our flagship Gaudi Mk II. It uses the same design concept and drivers and is intended to allow customers to experience Gaudi levels of performance in listening rooms that would not accommodate its big brother. We have gone to great care to avoid any compromises in the design and construction of The Emperor. It will produce very high outputs levels (up to 118dB) while retaining the signature German Physiks finesse and fidelity.

Leading Edge Driver Compliment
Each cabinet users four DDD drivers in a line array, augmented with four 6 inch metal cones for the mid-bass and two 12 inch honeycomb flat cone drivers mounted in stainless steel frames for the sub-woofer columns. These take the bass all the way down to 18 Hz.

User Adjustable Line Source Array
Uniquely, the DDD line source array may be precisely physically positioned in relation to the bass enclosures for optimal phasing, by mean of a telescopic aluminum mounting arm driven by linear actuators.

Electronic Crossover
The Emperor must be tri-amped and the loudspeakers are supplied with our custom electronic crossover. This is a no-compromise, dual mono design and employs dual mains transformers, rectifiers and capacitor banks.

The Emperor Specifications

With Titanium DDD Driver With Carbon DDD Driver
Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency response 18 - 21,500Hz 18 - 24,000Hz
Power handling
Short term
Amplification required 3 power amplifiers per channel
DDD section: minimum power 200W/4ohms
Woofer section: minimum power 200W/4 ohms
Sub-woofer section: minimum power 300W/4ohms
Crossover frequencies 180Hz & 70Hz
Crossover slopes
DDD section 12dB/octave electronic & 24dB/octave acoustic
Woofer section 12dB/octave electronic & 24dB/octave acoustic
High frequency adjustment -2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB centred at 8,000Hz
Sensitivity 88.2dB for 1W at 1m 88.8dB for 1W at 1m
Maximum output level 115dB 117dB
Operating principle 3 way loudspeaker with a 3 way active crossover and 360° surround radiation using the DDD Bending Wave Converter
Drivers 4 x Titanium DDD drivers
2 x 12 inch sub-woofers
4 x 6 inch woofers
4 x Carbon DDD drivers
2 x 12 inch sub-woofers
4 x 6 inch woofers
Dimensions 1080mm (W) x 1780mm (H) x 780mm (D)
42.5" (W) x 70" (H) x 30.75" (D)
Weight (depends on model) Approx 510kg
Approx 1,124lbs
Warranty 5 years
As part of our process of continually improving our products, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.