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Altavoces de suelo acabado madera natural. Extra acabado madera lacada.: +1.600 ?. Acabado fibra de carbono:+2.230 ?. IVA NO INCLUIDO

( German Physiks )

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German Physiks


The Unicorn Mk II uses a single DDD driver operating full range, radiating both directly as in other German Physiks designs, but uniquely, it also uses its low frequency output in its pistonic mode, which is radiated via a horn.

Ultra Fast Low Distortion Bass
The horn system produces a bass that is fast, agile and extremely clean. There is no hint of bloat or overhang and distortion is impressively low. Bass wind and string instruments are reproduced with a degree of fidelity rarely heard outside of the concert hall. If you are a horn loudspeaker aficionado, this could very well be the loudspeaker that you have been waiting for.

Well Balanced Frequency Response
The Unicorn Mk II's superb bass is complimented by its performance in the rest of the frequency range. Both modes of the DDD driver's output are seamlessly integrated to produce an extremely clear and musical sound picture.

3-Dimensional Stereo Imaging
The Unicorn Mk II displays the realistic 3-dimensional stereo imaging we have come to expect from all German Physiks designs and this greatly adds to the enjoyment of the musical performance.

The Unicorn MK II Specifications

With Titanium DDD Driver With Carbon DDD Driver
Impedance 4 ohms
Frequency response 55 - 21,500Hz 40 - 24,000Hz
Power handling
Short term
Amplification required Minimum 60W/ 4 ohms
high frequency adjustment -2dB, flat, +2dB and +4dB starting at 8,000Hz
Low frequency adjustment Flat, +1.0dB, +2.0db and +3.0dB centred at 60Hz Flat, +1.0dB, +2.0db and +3.5dB centred at 60Hz
Sensitivity 87.7dB for 1W at 1m 88.0dB for 1W at 1m
Operating principle 1 way full range loudspeaker with 360° surround radiation using the DDD Bending Wave Converter
Input connectors 1 set of binding posts
Drivers 1 x Titanium DDD Driver 1 x Carbon DDD Driver
Loudspeaker 550mm W x 1,241mm H x 460mm D
21.7" W x 48.9" H x 18.1" D
Network 270mm W x 173mm H x 230mm D
10.6" W x 6.8" H x 9.1" D
Loudspeaker Approx 56.0kg
Approx 123.2lbs
Network Approx 4.4kg
Approx 9.7lbs
Warranty 5 years