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Sound Sevilla Import


Portacápsulas, color negro. IVA NO INCLUIDO.

( My Sonic Lab )

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SH-1Rh headshell is best used with the Eminent MC Cartridge but will accept most today's cartridges. Special Precision machining allows for Eminent MC Cartridge to perfectly align screw hole with solid contact. In many of today's tone arm designs, the optimum distance between headshell and needle tip is 50mm. The 50mm point on the headshell is easily identified by a small hole. SH-1Rh Headshell Specification Material : Aluminum Alloy (A-6063S) Mount method : Twin Key Lock Terminal Pin : Rhodium-plated Phosphorus Bronze Terminal Contact : Rhodium-plated Phosphorus Bronze Wire Lead : 4N-OFC Mounting holes : 3mm x 3 Color : Silver or BlueBlack Weight : 14g