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Fuente de alimentación de alto rendimiento, incluye cable basik ac. IVA NO INCLUIDO

( Synergistic Research )

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NEW ?? Synergistic Research ??Transporter? for Active Shielding

Synergistic Research Transporter

The Transporter is a centralized, high performance solid-state power supply for Active Shielding. The Transporter has two isolated power supply transformers: one for Active AC Power Cords, and one for Active Cables, Tranquility Bases, and Galileo Universal Cable Cells.

The Transporter is taking SR Active Shielding to the next level, without breaking the bank, and is only outperformed by the new EnigmA Dual Valve & Solid-State Power Supply.

  • 14 outputs for Active AC Power Cords
  • 20 outputs for Active Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Tranquility Bases, and Galileo Universal Cable Cells
  • 9 each Quantum Tunneled Interface Leads are included; enough for two pairs of Interconnects, one pair of Speaker Cables, and three AC Power Cords. All Leads are 1.25 meter long
  • 1 each Core AC Power Cord 6 ft.
  • SR20 Quantum Fuses are pre-installed
  • Interface Extension Leads are available at 1.25 meter long
  • Additional Interface Leads are available at 1.25 meter long