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Fuente de alimentación de alto rendimiento, edición especial con chassis en aluminio y cable Element tungsten powercord. IVA NO INCLUIDO

( Synergistic Research )

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Synergistic Research's New Transporter Active Shielding Power Supply
A lower cost, all solid state, "work horse" alternative to the exotic Enigma is the new "TRANSPORTER" Active Shielding Power Supply. This $1995 device represents both a substantial performance upgrade from the standard MPC (mini power coupler) that comes with the SR active cables, and also a convenient "hub" replacing what in some cases are quite a few of the MPC wall warts.

Like the Enigma, different circuits are provided: one optimized for AC cables (14 outputs) and Powercells, and the other (20 outputs) for other cable types as well as for Ttranquility Bases and Galileo Universal Cells.
Nine standard 1.25m Interface Cables, and a Precision Basik AC cable to the wall are included with the Transporter, and of course an SR Quantum Fuse provides protection. Additional Interface Cables and 1.25m extension cable .