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Fuente de alimentación (230v) para cables activos y tranquility bases, Conectividad: 12 cables de red y 20 cables analógicos o tranquility bases.

Incluye: 10 cables de interfaz activa de 1,25 mts + 2 de red serie CORE de 1,8 mts.


( Synergistic Research )

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EnigmA Valve Power Supply for Active Shielding

Synergistic Research EnigmA Dual Valve Power Supply for Active Shielding

Synergistic Research EnigmA Dual Valve Power Supply for Active Shielding

Manufacturer's Description:

Rare tubes, pure sound:

Pure sound is just the beginning. The new 2nd generation "Enigma" Active Shielding Power Supply  features tubes manufactured by Western Electric and General Electric in the 1930's and 1940's with a chassis hand-crafted from 1/4 inch aluminum plates. The Enigma provides power for up to 32 Tesla Active interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. Best of all, Enigma changes how you experience music blending the purity of legendary valves with the power of modern electronics. Imagine the magic of rare historic tubes that recreate the natural warmth of music in your all solid-state, or tube based system. Manufactured in limited numbers and for a short time, do not miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of musical history.


Visually Stunning, Sonically Breathtaking:

Sculpted as a work of industrial art, Enigma's form expresses the true nature of aluminum, glass, and electrons. Crafted entirely by hand in the United States by Synergistic Research, from it's hand-finished glass domes to it's machined by hand valve selector knob and chassis, you feel the essence of craftsmanship long since past. A dichotomy that resurrects valves from the pages of history to evoke the very soul of musical expression, Enigma is an entity all its own.


Experience the Magic:

Enigma allows you to experience your music collection as never before as you select between vacuum tube and solid-state Active Shielding.


Connectivity for 12 Power Cords and 20 Analogue Cables / Tranquility Bases:

Enigma provides connectivity for up to 32 Active Synergistic Research cables and Tranquility Base EM Cells. With Enigma even 5.1 home theater systems have all the power they need for total system Active Shielding. Power to interconnects and speaker cables is provided by either valve or solid state selectable options, while AC cords sound their best when powered by Enigma's separate solid state power supply optimized expressly for AC power cords.


An Elegant Solution

At the heart of EnigmA are four large transformers feeding high current valves. Power like this produces heat, so to keep EnigmA running cool we strategically placed vents that work in harmony with it's massive aluminum chassis to create convection cooling.