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Sound Sevilla Import


Cable usb 2mts.STATE OF THE ART. VERSION 220V. Cada 0,5mt adicional:105 ?. IVA NO INCLUIDO.

( Synergistic Research )

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Introducing The Music Cable, now available with either USB connection or BNC SPDIF connection. The world??s first plug and play solution for state-of-the-art computer audio. We??ve taken the guess work out of creating breathtaking holographic sound from your Mac or PC with advanced Synergistic Research technologies like PowerCell conditioning, Galileo Universal Cable Cell filtration, active Shielded Element Tungsten interconnects and Active Tricon USB  or BNC digital cables built right in for pure effortless sound right out of the box. And to make matching The Music Cable to your system easy we??ve included our exclusive Enigma Tuning bullets so you can custom tailor the sound of The Music Cable to compliment your system; Simply experiment with the Silver, Grey and Black Enigma circuits to find your perfect match.

A custom up-sampling 24 bit DAC capable of handling hi resolution files
Hard wired Active Tricon USB cable or BNC-terminated SPDIF cable
Element Tungsten Active interconnects hand soldered direct to the custom 24 bit DAC board
Built-in PowerCell line conditioner for pure power to the DAC and Active cables
Galileo Universal Cable Cells to make Pandora sound as holographic as your best CD??s
Compact design makes installation a snap, even in tight systems
Dual Mono Outboard Power Supplies
Separately these technologies would retail for over $7,000.00
Introductory Price $ 3,599.00 (120 Volt US Version Only),4.500 $ (220 Volt Version)

??The Music Cable? is a state-of-the-art plug and play computer audio solution, see your authorized Synergistic Research dealer to audition yours today.