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Sound Sevilla Import


Tratamiento que limpia los ruidos de alta frecuencia que de lo contrario distorsiona los armónicos en la señal musical. IVA NO INCLUIDO.

( Synergistic Research )

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Manufacturer's Description:

Synergistic Research's new UEF Tuning Circuit are based on the same technology found in Synergistic Research HFT- High Frequency Transducers, FEQ- Frequency Equalizers and XOT Crossover Transducers.

UEF Technology actually cleans up high frequency noise that otherwise distorts harmonics in the music signal.  When UEF technology is applied to Synergistic Research Active Shielding, Tranquility Bases, and PowerCells, you hear a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage air with improved mid-range clarity and improved low frequency control

By cleaning up the DC signal applied to Active Shielded cables, Tranquility Bases and PowerCells, all aspects of performance are enhanced in a noticeable and significant way.

UEF Tuning Circuits are compatible with the following products:

* Galileo LE Series of cables

* Element Series of cables

* Core Series of cables

* Tesla LE Series of cables

* PowerCell Products (with Silver right angle circuits)

* Tranquility Base Products (with 1 x Silver  and 1 x Gray right angle circuits)

* Universal Interconnect Cells and Speaker Cells (with Silver right angle circuits)