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Altavoces de suelo Ultra Hi-End.

90db, 5Ohms,Bandwidth: 26Hz-50KHz.".

its staggeringly realistic rendering of timbre, huge and nuanced spatial presentation, and wonderfully direct musical communication."-Robert Harley.


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Magico Q3

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'The Magico Q3 is a standard setter that liberates music from the impediments inherent to typical loudspeakers.' -

The Q3 builds upon the proven concept of the Q platform first developed for the award-winning Q5, in a smaller, more affordable package!


Testimonials (on all Magico speakers)

"If you??re shopping for your first flagship-level loudspeaker, today is your lucky day. The Magico Q3 is the one to hear... The Magico Q3 is a standard setter that liberates music from the impediments inherent to typical loudspeakers. It is for those of you who don??t like speakers but do love music. The experience of hearing the Magico Q3 is something truly unique.

Folks, the Q3 is a bona fide state-of-the-art loudspeaker -- one that doesn??t cost a hundred grand a pair, or even close to it. Magico might just take over the loudspeaker world after all.
- Jeff Fritz, (read the review)


"Magico's V3 is an astonishing achivement in loudspeaker design, delivering a level of performance that is in may ways competitive with $100k loudspeakers... The V3 has a timbral realism and palpability in the midrange that approach the state of the art. Properly set up and driven by sources of commensurate quality, the V3 is muscially transcendental."
- Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound


Golden Ear Award, The Absolute Sound, 2008

"The V3's special qualities are instantly obvious, and immediately identify the V3 as not just another loudspeaker.  The V3 has three characteristics that are, in my experience, state of the art, and which combine synergistically to make this such a musically rewarding and compelling loudspeaker.  Those three qualities are the richness, density and truthfulness of tone color; the palpability and tangibility of instrumental images; and the resolution and seperation of individual instrument lines.  Any one of these qualities would have made the V3 a great loudspeaker, but with all three present simultaneously, the effect is jawdropping.

To fully appreciate just what an achievment this loudspeaker is, you must hear it firsthand for yourself.  But be forewarned; once you've heard your favorite music reproduced at this level of musical intimacy, there's no going back." 
- Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Issue 179, February, 2008

"...its combination of the V3's low-frequency majesty and definition, its clean, grain-free high frequencies, and the superbly transparent window it opens on the recorded soundstage, all make it a shoe-in for Class A in this magazine's "Recommended Components" listing... I found the Magico's presentation addictive."
- John Atkinson, Stereophile, May, 2008 (read the review)

"the most thoroughly, knowledgeably, and successfully engineered mini-monitors the high end has yet seen." "These exquisitely made, stand mounted two-ways... have everything I most prize about loudspeakers: liveliness, neutrality, openness, bloom, presence, natural size and scale, and seamless, single driver coherence."
- Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound Issue 163, Best Sound at CES award


"Nothing prepared me for the (CES) show's sonic ballbusters... this alone made the (CES) trip worthwhile"
- Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound

"...incredibly open, detailed, and lively..."
- W. Garcia, The Absolute Sound Issue 161, 2006 CES Report

"...the most radical two-way two-driver monitor ever stuck into a small box..."
- Srajan Ebaen,

"Beautifully constructed with a refined combination of gentleness and forcefullness: performs gracefully with sensational sound... An artistic speaker - the delicacy of the wood and metal combination performs with true substance."
- Stereo Sound (Japan), Issue 154

"Superb sense of vision and aesthetic by the designer. A new discovery of a richly sensitive and fresh speaker system!"
- Makoto Fujioko, A&V Village,

"From the first model, amazingly high end!! The main cabinet and the stand are delicately matched! An extreme sound design yet it performs musically!"
- Ichiro Igrashi, Radio Gijyutsu Magazine

"The speakers really took me by surprise, by storm even... The sound is big, big, big. Not in the bloated sense, but big like lifelike sound is... To me, it was almost - I said almost - worth putting up with Vegas to make discoveries like this one... It puts that old thrill back in high-end audio."
- HP's Workshop, The Absolute Sound Issue 161

"...this stand-mounted two-way bowled me over with its staggeringly realistic rendering of timbre, huge and nuanced spatial presentation, and wonderfully direct musical communication."
- Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound, Best Sound at CES award



The Q3 builds upon the proven concept of the Q platform first developed for the award-winning Q5, which was the first Magico product to take advantage of complete in-house control of all design and build variables. The Q3 continues this tradition.

The Magico Q3 is a 3 way, sealed box, floorstander housed in a fully-braced, fully-damped, aluminum and
brass, hard-anodized enclosure. Featuring a complete set of Magico-designed drivers including the 3 new 7"Nano-Tec® woofers that have been developed to deliver overall system efficiency of 90 dB; the Q3 is the first Magico loudspeaker to achieve this sensitivity rating. This allows the Q3 to be satisfactorily powered by high quality amplifiers with as few as 30 Watts.

Frequency response is specified as 20Hz??50kHz, sensitivity as 90dB (which is significantly higher than the Q5's 86dB), and impedance as 5 ohms.

A true three-way design, the three new woofers are complemented by a 6? Nano- Tec midrange and the MBe-1® Beryllium dome tweeter. Together, these drivers represent Magico??s continued pursuit of developing and implementing the world's finest loudspeaker drivers.

Being very reminiscent of the larger Q5, one comes to expect that it is merely a scaled down version of the same speaker. In many respects this is accurate; the MBe-1 high frequency driver, the continuous curve of our diffraction-minimizing baffle, and the substantial collar-locking isolation foot are among the many things that the two models share. However, because the dimensions and layouts of the boxes differ, as well as the driver behavior and resultant crossover implementation, the Q3 has different critical points and frequencies of resonance. To address this, a modified version of the damping employed in the Q5 is applied in specific areas of need. Varying levels of force are applied to multiple thicknesses of damping materials to affect the elimination of distortion-causing resonance across the entire audioband.

The Magico Q3 is a unique statement of purpose??it firmly demonstrates the goals of Magico and thier relation to the industry as a whole. It is an extension of thier design approach, most fully realized now due to the foundation they have worked relentlessly to establish. Standing on the shoulders of thier many technological breakthroughs,they have been able to overcome all restrictions; from production feasibility to market feasibility, the Q3 forces neither manufacturer nor consumer to compromise. In the end it is in all interests to continue to research the ways in which technology can be used in the service of music. If and when it is properly employed, the results are enough to surprise all of us.


The introductory US retail price of the Magico Q3 is $34,000/pr. Delivery will begin in the Spring of 2011.


  • Driver Complement
  • 1 x 1? MBe-1 Tweeter
  • 1 x 6? Nano-Tec Midrange
  • 3 x 7? Nano-Tec Bass
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Impedance: 5 Ohms
  • Frequency Response: 26 Hz ?? 50 KHz
  • Minimum Power: 30 Watts
  • Dimensions: 47? H x 16? D x 10.5? W (119cm x 41cm x 27cm)
  • Weight: 250 lbs./ea. (113 kg)