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An offering of the highly touted Puritas utizing the Verito Aluminum cantilever and Puritas body and motor. Terrific buy performing way beyond it's price point.


Allnic Puritas, the Benchmark.

Mr Kang Su Park can only make two of these a day!

Many cartridge manufacturers boast of using special materials, good tips and solid bodies, etc, and not of their superior conception, that is, of the rationale for their cartridges?? design and construction.

First, every LP record master is engraved using an LP cutting lathe's cutter head. The Puritas moving coil (MC) cartridge is designed to reproduce music via a mechanism that emulates the LP cutting lathe's cutter head, of course, however, with a diamondstylus that tracks the record grooves?? faces, rather than with a diamond chisel for cutting the grooves into the vinyl. Third, iron is about nine times heavier than poly carbonate, so a conventional iron bobbin reacts with far less agility to the musical grooves of a vinyl record than one made of hollow polycarbonate. Fourth, as a cantilever moves along the vinyl??s grooves, it needs a pivot. Conventional MC cartridges?? coils are located near the pivot because of their heavy moving mass. Because of its lighter moving mass, relative to conventional MC cartridges, the Allnic Puritas??s coils are nearer to the diamond stylus. The result for the Puritas is increased coil vibration capability and, therefore, more detailed audio reproduction. Please refer to Figure 3. In addition, the Puritas?? cantilever??s length meets the same specification as for a cutting head.

    At the end of this manual is a chart that summarizes comparisons and contrasts among the Puritas, a cutting head, and a more conventional MC cartridge. While the user can expect the Puritas to perform exceptionally well on its first plays, the first hours are not a true indication of what the Puritas can deliver when properly set up and ??brokenin.? Experience indicates that the Puritas will continually improve over a minimum of forty (40) hours of playing time, reaching a level of performance well beyond its initial one, andwe believe well beyond that of most MC phono cartridges.

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