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Cápsula MC 0.2mv. IVA NO INCLUIDO.The Mk 2 version has improved Suspension properties and revised purity coil windings

( Transfiguration )

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The Mk 2 version has improved Suspension properties and revised purity coil windings Transfiguration cartridges are masters of natural musicality. The exclusive patented yokeless ringmagnet generator construction places the moving coil at the focal point of the magnetic flux field leading to a new level of focus and natural resolution due to the reduction of phase errors generated by the magnet-with-pole-pieces construction of other cartridges. Transfiguration Proteus is their flagship moving coil phono cartridge, a product of sonic brilliance and a major step forward in analogue performance. Transfiguration worked hard to improve the already stunning Orpheus L and Proteus is a major step closer to the ideal where the ultimate audio components will be those that simply don't seem to exist - so good that they add nothing and subtract nothing. The 'straight wire with gain' situation. The biggest strength of the Proteus is its lack of character, but herein lies its strength. The better the system that it is used with, i.e. the faster, more tonally and transiently seamless, dynamically unlimited, with extended frequency range... the more it will reveal within the music and you will continue to discover previously hidden information on your records. One of the finest cartridges we've ever sold or had the pleasure of listening to. Specifications - Body: aluminium, resonance controlled - Cantilever: 0.3mm solid boron - Stylus: PA (3 x 30µm) solid diamond - Core/coils: Ultra grade 3S - µ metal square core with 5N silver coils - Magnet: neodymium ?? front & rear - Weight: 7.8g - Output voltage: 0.2mV (3.54cm/s, 1kHz) - Internal impedance: 1 ohm - Frequency response: 10Hz ?? 20kHz +1.5dB, 20kHz ?? 40kHz +2dB - Channel separation: > 30dB (200Hz - 1kHz) - Channel balance: 70µm at tracking force 2.0g at 315Hz - Dynamic compliance: 13 x 10-6 cm/dyne - Recommended loading: > 10 ohms - Recommend?? tracking force: 2.0 g - Optimum working tempurature: 23º celsius - Break in period: 30 hours