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Sound Sevilla Import


Altavoces de suelo de referencia.

Disponible acabado Black Piano o White Piano por 1.320? adicionales


( Penaudio )

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Sami Penttilä, the musician, knows music and how it sounds and feels. Sami Penttilä, the designer, knew what he wanted in his reference speaker. Charisma sings with pleasure. Serenade exhibits clarity, transparency and neutrality. Cenya redefines ease and natural. But, Penttilä wanted a speaker that took his designs to a new level. He wanted to reach, what he calls the soul of the music, each and every note.

The vision was clear. The sound captivatingly mystical. The speaker came to life.


Music without compromise. Each note as played and recorded. Natural timbres. The inner harmonics of each instrument. The emotion of each breath. The rhythm of the music and musician melding together, the heart pounding, the soul smiling and notes singing.

Sinfonia plays music. Note by note. Chord by chord. Music in its entirety. There is no longer an amp, a source or cables. Just music as it was composed, played and intended. Dynamic. Engaging. Sinfonia transports the listener to the hall, the stage, the studio?to another plane.

??It is the speaker I have had in my mind for years. Now, I can see and hear it. There is everything I can ask for in a speaker. It was like painting a master piece. You envision it but cannot create it until that magical moment arrives. It takes years to create and bears one soul as it comes to life. Sinfonia is a work of art?. physically, sonically and musically.?

Available in colors: Birch, Black Ash, Black Piano, Oak, White Piano, Zebrano.


Download high resolution pictures (~4.8MB)

Tech Specs

3,5-way, reflex loaded, floorstander
Drive units
29 mm textile, ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter, with hexadym magnet system (Crescendo),
2 x 145 mm magnesium coned midrange/woofer, copper rings above and below T-shaped pole piece, radial reinforced rubber surround,
2 x 260 mm paper coned woofer, 4 layer voice coil
80 Hz, 200 Hz, 4400 Hz
Frequency range
anechoic response ±3 dB 28-30000 Hz,
in room response
20-25000 Hz
87 dB/1 m/2.83 V
Nominal impedance
4 ohms
Recommended amplifier
>50 W
Dimensions (w x h x d)
180 x 1765 x 557 mm
70 kg (150 lbs)
Seas custom/excel drivers, WBT-0702.12 pole screws,  polypropylene capacitors, air-core inductors, aluminium reflex pipes, custom made finnish birch plywood 19 mm / 22 mm MDF cabinet, Cold Ray spike shoes

Reviews & Statements

Penaudios flagship Sinfonia reviewed in Russian Audio Magazine 12/2012

Sinfonia review in finnish Innerworldaudio, September 2012

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