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Preamplficador State of the art.

The Robert Koda K-15 preamplifier redefines State of the Art and presents music as a fresh encounter of a most indulgent and satisfying kind.

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The Robert Koda K-15 preamplifier redefines State of the Art and presents music as a fresh encounter of a most indulgent and satisfying kind.

Specifically designed to partner with a wide range of source components and power amplifiers, its purpose is to extract the maximum performance from each component so that the system as a whole delivers uncharted musical pleasure.

While this brochure highlights some of the methods we used to create the K-15, there can be no substitute for a personal encounter with this magnificent instrument.



The ITC Circuit.

Our innovative and a unique arrangement of semi-conductors, called ITC was Pioneered in the multiple award winning K-10. Now ITC is taken to the next level with the K-15 which is dramatically improved and refined in both design and execution to achieve incomparable subjective and measured results.

The ITC circuit provides an excellent interface between source component and power amplifier. It delivers massive power gain with remarkably low distortion while remaining highly immune from the negative influences of power supply noise.

The circuit is elegant, simple, unflappable and totally effective over a dynamic range in excess of a hundred and forty five decibels. It is the ideal pre-amplifier engine and uniquely Robert Koda.

A performance driven volume control.

Critical in its central role for the final sonic outcome of the K-15 we developed a volume control system of unexpected extravagance and depth of quality.

A massive custom built eight channel switch is used to form the basis for this balanced mode volume control. We incorporated 256 nude resistors of the finest audio grade and specifically made for our purpose, however only two resistors are used per channel phase at any one time in this L-Pad configuration.

The switch itself maintains perfect contact pressure. The contacts are solid silver and generously proportioned. All aspects of construction are of the highest order. The final result is quite evident in the listening experience.

Pure mechanical input selection.

In order to eliminate the use of circuit boards, relays and solid state switches we have chosen to take the costly and time consuming path of hand wiring and mechanically switching all inputs. The materials and construction were carefully considered in order to gain maximum improvements.

Delicate signals are carried in bundles of our four nines pure silver wire while a solder of 99.99% purity copper and lead free alloy is adopted.

The selector switch is one specifically made for the delicate task of handling such sub micro current signals without corruption. The RCA jacks are milled from high purity copper and Rhodium-plated to ensure best signal transmission.

A Permalloy vault for the power magnetics.

The power supply is retained within the K-15 main chassis and avoids the need for extra wiring looms. It has been optimized by using fully annealed Permalloy magnetic shielding.

Balanced and unbalanced output ?? Of equal performance.

The implementation of ITC enables the K-15 to produce both balanced and unbalanced output options without compromise. All technical and sonic attributes are identical, allowing for the best possible choice of connection to the associated power amplifier .

True balanced and single ended inputs.

To extract the highest performance from the source components the K-15 provides a very stable and non reactive termination for both balanced and single ended sources. Each input signal type is treated as native with no conversions required before application to the main amplification block within K-15.

A Laminated copper chassis

The robust main chassis forms a full, solid copper envelope that provides excellent electromagnetic screening from external influences.

By employing a layered construction of copper as the chassis and adding a graded aluminium finish, both the aesthetic and electro-acoustic qualities are further improved and produce a highly stable and ideal environment for the enclosed electronics.

For true completeness, the most sensitive elements within the ITC circuit are further protected in individual Mu metal capsules for total immunity against external influence.

Final Trimmings

Gold plated inserts and a ruby lens finish the simple yet luxurious exterior.
Hand crafted, built to perfection and packed in a sturdy flight case the Takumi K-15 is the ultimate pre-amplifier.


The Takumi K-15 EX pre-amplifier is our flagship pre-amplifier and builds upon the technologies found in the acclaimed, award winning K-10. All together more sophisticated, refined and engaging, the Takumi K-15 is surely pre-amplifications ultimate form!



SE X 2 pairs??True balanced X 2 pair
SE X5 pairs??True balanced X5 pair
Plus 8dB
Output impedance
60 ohm single ended, 2X 30 ohm balanced
Input impedance
50K ohm single ended, 2X 50K ohm balanced
Signal to noise
114dB A weighted at 1V
Frequency response
20Hz to 20KHz +/- 0.03dB
0.00003 % @ 1Khz at 2.5V into 100K ohm??Estimated due to measurement limits.
Power consumption
Off ?? 0W On ?? 30W
29Kg unpacked
389mm wide, 385mm deep and 158 high excluding feet