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Preamplificador de linea

The Takumi K-10 is our classic and multiple award winning line pre-amplifier.

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The Takumi K-10 is our classic and multiple award winning line pre-amplifier.
Full balanced and unbalanced outputs of exceptional quality, mechanically switched inputs and a full mechanical attenuator built in the Robert Koda tradition are but a few of the design points.

The K-10 is the first pre-amplifier to include our ITC circuit and has won the hearts of many demanding music listeners for its shear ability to elevate the sound of the complete audio system into deep space territory.




Innovative design meets meticulous execution

The K-10 pre-amplifier is crafted with meticulous attention to one purpose, musical excellence. Each element is carefully engineered to deliver the highest possible performance without compromise to concerns of cost or practicality. Form truly does follow function.

Unnecessary complication is avoided at every turn to protect the precious music signal from adverse influences.

Simple, finely crafted mechanical controls

The K-10 uses the finest attenuator part available for volume control. Perfectly hand assembled in Japan, this attenuator uses exotic resistors solely created for sound reproduction. Comprising of a special carbon formulation with thick gold over oxygen free copper leads, these parts are of ultimate choice.

Source selection is performed by a rotary switch built specifically for the most demanding of audio applications. Thus all manner of relays, complex support circuitry and sound destroying printed circuit board tracks have been eschewed entirely.



DC Reactor power supply

To decouple the K-10?? s performance from impure AC supply lines we have adopted a heavy DC Reactor type power supply that delivers valuable advantages over other types of supply. The reactor?? s performance is further enhanced by the use of our own designed for audio, discrete zero feedback regulator to provide the amplifier with pristine DC current.

Triple screened chassis

A robust chassis creates a full copper envelope surrounding all components of the K-10 to shield them from the influences of external electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Sensitive components within the ITC gain stage are further shielded by ??double encapsulation? ?? a separate copper shell and a custom made mu-metal capsule within. The power supply is housed in its own ??magnetic vault? made of 2mm thick soft iron plate. A sandwich floor construction with constrained layer damping and hemispherical sorbothane feet provide additional isolation from unwanted vibrations. Electrically, thermally and acoustically this lavish assembly sets an excellent operating environment for the enclosed electronics.

Single ended and balanced output of equal performance

Providing single ended and balanced outputs of identical performance presents a challenge to pre-amplifier designers. The K-10 is successfully engineered to deliver both at full measure, affording a greater flexibility for system configuration.