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Sound Sevilla Import


Stillpoints technology to the fullest, richest, most spectacular.

** Balda Extra 26" Acrylic = 1595? **


( Stillpoints )

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The ESS rack was designed to be an effective vibration isolating structure that looked appealing but did not overwhelm the look of what was placed on it. In fact, the original inspiration for the design was a display rack assembly to which Stillpoints engineered its technology. The result is an open design that allows for ultimate ventilation, low mass for low energy storage, yet high strength for tremendous load carrying capacity.

The current day ESS support bars were designed in the spring of 2007 to carry the weight of turntables that exceeded 200 lbs. The 20? and 26? wide ESS can easily carry a load of 225 lbs for decades to come. The 40? wide ESS with a doubled support bar system can carry a load of over 450 bs per shelf assembly. Each cable of every ESS rack has a breaking strength of 2000 lbs.

The ESS models start with an acrylic shelf system that is attached to the support bars. Every support bar has three pockets of Stillpoints technology making each shelf level the equivalent of 6 Ultra SS per shelf. The next level of ESS performance comes when the acrylic is replaced by the Grid system. The Grid system is an ingenious system utilizing one machined part designed to interweave into the double X pattern The Grid system allows for placing any level of Stillpoint technology, or any combination of Hard Hats, Ultra Mini??s, Ultra SS??s, Ultra 5??s and Ultra 6??s to be interfaced between the component and the Support Bar system.

The Ultra 6 was specifically designed for the ESS. Its low profile maximizes the isolation capabilities with opposing technology pockets while allowing for taller components in a given shelf configuration.