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En 2016 Peachtree abandona la fabricación en China para elaborarlos en Norteamérica; buscando la calidad sonora por encima de todo y apartándose definitivamente de la guerra de precios.


Why Peachtree Audio?

Peachtree Audio introduced its first product, the groundbreaking Decco amplifier, in 2007. The Decco was the world's first integrated amplifier to feature a USB input, allowing its onboard digital-to-analog converter to process music files directly from a computer.


Peachtree Audio Timeline

Early 2004: Signal Path International (later to be known simply as Peachtree Audio) introduces Era loudspeakers.

Late 2007: Peachtree launches the Decco, one of the first integrated amplifiers in the world to provide a USB input.

Early 2009: Peachtree introduces the Nova to immediate success.

Mid 2009: Peachtree Audio officially made an MFi (Made for iPod) partner.

Early 2010: Introduction of the iDecco and Decco2. The iDecco is the first integrated amplifier in the world to have an iPod dock certified by Apple.

Mid 2010: Era D4 and D5 loudspeakers - designed and manufactured by Peachtree's founders since 2004 - now proudly display the Peachtree Audio name.

Late 2010: The musicBox, with its built-in iPod dock, is introduced.

Early 2011: The iDac and iNova are the latest Peachtree "i" products.

Late 2011: Peachtree brings the price of performance down with the DAC?iT.

Late 2011 - early 2012: Peachtree Audio introduces the Grand series, plus new Decco and Nova models.


Peachtree Audio is committed to "continuing the tradition of totally new" . . .


. . . and that's "Why Peachtree?"*


Or perhaps it's because one of our co-founders, David Solomon, is from Atlanta?