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Preamplificador de linea. Exceptional value in a premiere line stage.Pure Class A operation. Single gain stage. Line output transformer coupling. PVP: 5.300€ + IVA Constant and low output impedance. Advanced tube technology voltage regulation.New v

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 L-1500 Line Preamplifier


⊙ L-1500 is the budget version of L-3000A.

⊙ Single gain stage

    Single gain stage circuit uses only 'one' tube in amplification, which reproduces
purer, more detailed, more spacious and more dynamic sound than multi gain stages,

         just like through one window glass we can see outside scene more clearly than
    through several window panes.

⊙ Line output transformer coupling

    In tube amp circuitry, there are two coupling methods, one, capacitor coupling
    the other transformer one.
    The former, traditional, low cost and somewhat stable transfers only voltage not
    wattage (not real energy), the latter conveys about 90%(transformer loss about10%)
    of real wattage.
    No comparison between them for the driving capacity of power amplifier.
    All the advantages of transformer coupling too simply depend on the quality of
    transformer and on the choice of tubes.
    Allnic's unprecedented wide (16Hz ~ 75kHz, -3db), low distortional and ultra
    -flexible (up to 50kHz square wave response) output transformer realizes this
    ideal preamplifier. We also chose the right tube (ideal three factors, high gm, 
    low internal resistance and high mu) for this position.
⊙ Constant and low output impedance

    Low output impedance is prerequisite to a good preamplifier.
    L-1500 has 150Ω constant output impedance at all frequencies. In C-R coupling
    "the cathod follower circuit" usually being applied to lower output impedance
    accompanies high distortion problem and has "L" shaped output impedance curve.  
    Please compare two graphs below especially for low frequency response.

⊙ Advanced Voltage Regulation technology by tube

    For quieter and dynamic operation L-1500 has ultra high speed automatic voltage
    regulation circuit, made by pure vacuum tubes.
    This also protects the amplifying tubes from any change of AC Line and copes with 
    any abrupt internal current demand.

⊙ Automatic muting system

    About 40 seconds muting circuit prevents any harmful transient to power amplifier
    and to loud speakers, while warming up the preamplifier.

⊙ Convenient analog current meters

    The illuminated front panel meter shows all the status of L-1500's operation,
    any failure or any damage in parts will make the needle off the point.

⊙ New vacuum tube damping technology

    Our patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents any harmful
    vibration or microphonic noise so far so untreatable fundamentally.
    With our damping system you can enjoy real clean and pure sound.

⊙ Remote controller with precision attenuator volume control

    No digital IC volume control or cheap carbon film volume with motor.
    We developed a precision oil clutched motorized attenuator, L-1500 has
    actually no(± 0db) channel unbalance at all levels of volume control.


⊙ Input : Line level ×  5
          (Balanced × 2, Unbalanced × 3)

⊙ Output : Balanced × 1, unbalanced × 1

⊙ Input Impedance : Unbalanced 10kΩ
                Balanced 20kΩ

⊙ frequency Range : 20Hz ~ 20kHz (FLAT)
                  16Hz ~ 75kHz (-3dB)

⊙ Voltage Gain : +20dB

⊙ THD (1kHz) : Output 0.3V, 0.06%
              Output 1.0V, 0.15%

⊙ S/N Ratio : -90dB (CCIR, 1kHz)

⊙ Maximum Output : 15V RMS (Non clipping)

⊙ Output Impedance : 150Ω Constant

⊙ Tubes : D3a or equivalent × 2
           7233 × 1,  6485 × 1 (Voltage Regulator)

⊙ Dimension : 430mm(W) × 300mm(D) × 120mm(H)

⊙ Weight : 9 kg



Inputs: Two Balanced, Three Unbalanced
Outputs: Balanced and unbalanced (selectable by switch)
Input Impedance: Unbalanced 10kΩ; Balanced 20kΩ
Frequency Response: 16Hz ~ 75kHz (-3dB)
Voltage Gain: +20dB
THD (1kHz): 1.0V Output, 0.15%
Maximum Output : 15V RMS
Output Impedance : 150Ω Constant
Tubes : D3a or equivalent × 2, 7233 × 1,  6485 × 1 (Voltage Regulator)

U.S. Importer:



Allnic L-1500 transformer coupled line stage

Allnic: "All Nickel", refers to the in-house built 78% Nickel content output transformers. These have a 12-to-1 cost difference to build and are a big part of the performance, wider bandwidth, faster energy transfer. - David Beetle of Hammertone Audio, North American Importer.


Not Your Grandfather's Korea

For a provincial Texan like me, the stereotype of Korea is the one from M.A.S.H. and war movies. The most you hear about Korea is when the aggressors in the north decide to rattle their sabers; but the reality is that the Republic of Korea (AKA: South Korea, or just Korea) is way ahead of the West in many areas, including education and heavy industries. I suppose the reason most Americans don’t think of the ROK as being a peer to Japan, Germany, etc.., is that Koreans seem to be a little less boastful, nationalistic and arrogant when compared to Germans, Japanese and, of course, Texans. What is more likely is that Korea’s growth and renaissance occurred in the shadow of Japan, which was a decade ahead, and of China, the 400lb gorilla of Asia. That would be a 181.436948kg gorilla in Asia. If you don’t know just how modern the ROK is, you need to check out the Wiki article:

So what does this have to do with audio? I just want to disabuse you of any prejudice against a Korean product, excepting virtually anything made in the North. The guys at Honda and Toyota are probably not afraid of an American automotive Renaissance, but they might be afraid of Hyundai. The high-end must take note, too: there is great product coming from Korea, and it can compete with the established brands in the West.

No Guru-isms?!

Allnic L-1500 transformer coupled line stage

If you browse the Allnic website, you will see logic behind what Kang Su Park has created. Instead of following the crowd, he has chosen a unique path. Though others are using transformers, and a handful is experimenting with the LCR RIAA circuit, the Allnic line seems unique in design, build and sound.  I was comforted to find a high-end designer who admitted to using an oscilloscope – so perverted is our hobby that some audiophiles denigrate designers who use test equipment. His square wave responses are quite good and way ahead of guru conceived equipment. The square wave is a valid test. It is built from overtones, so any deviation from perfect frequency response will change its shape; any excessive amounts of even order distortion will change its shape. Poor resolution will wipe out high overtones, and change the shape. When taking into account that the Allnic designs are relatively simple and free from audio Band-Aids, like overall loop feedback, the efficacy of the Allnic designs are visible as well as audible. For some insight on the square wave, check this out:

Some of the more un-guru-esque features include balanced operation, indirectly heated pentodes, voltage regulation, flexible connections and good specifications. Distilled from the Allnic website:

Single gain stage

Line output transformer coupling

Constant, and low, output impedance

Vacuum tube voltage regulation

Automatic muting system to protect amp and speakers

Patented GEL tube dampers prevent harmful vibrations

Remote controlled stepped attenuator with perfect channel-to-channel balance

The L-1500 preamp is described by Allnic as a budget version of the L-4000, one of the finest preamps I have had the opportunity to listen to. They both offer balanced inputs and outputs, but the two use different tubes and the build quality of the L-4000 is better. The million-dollar question is how similar the two will sound.




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Preamplificador de linea. Exceptional value in a premiere line stage.Pure Class A operation. Single gain stage. Line output transformer coupling. PVP: 5.300€ + IVA Constant and low output impedance. Advanced tube technology voltage regulation.New v