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Cápsula MC 0.4mv.PVP: 2.900 €. Our stock is always NEW Fresh Stock from the factory.

The Mk 2 version has improved Suspension properties and revised purity coil windings

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The Mk 2 version has improved Suspension properties and revised purity coil windings

The NEW Transfiguration Phoenix MC Cartridge features Thicker Wire made of Silver which reduces Internal Impedance/Resistance, and features the same Coil Form and Damper from the Award Winning Stereophile Class A Orpheus L!

Trade instructions: If you purchase this cartridge with a trade-in, please note when you check out your total will show the normal sale price of this item and NOT the trade in price. However, when we process your order, you will be charged ONLY the trade in price. When you have received your new Transfiguration cartridge, please carefully pack and ship your trade-in cartridge to us (see our website for address).

The Transfiguration Phoenix MC cartridge provides much more lifelike, alive re-creation of recorded sound. It has an elegant style in the delicate black finish to mate well with most tonearms currently available.

Push pull damping
A special compound has newly been meticulously designed and fabricated to provide total stylus/coil alignment and control. It's non-sensitivity to temperature change keeps the damping coefficient stable and improves tracing accuracy.

Twin coils on the cantilever fulcrum
Minimizes dynamic mass and mechanical impedance, enabling instant, accurate reaction to every groove detail, including the ability to handle massive transients without overshoot or break-up.

Special alloy core for coil assembly
This increases sensitivity by 25dB, improves signal to noise ratio eliminating a usual source of distortion.

Neodynium magnet

Thanks to the much higher induced magnetism of the neodymium magnet in the rear of the double ring magnets, the coil-turns of the generator have been reduced. It is very helpful to reduce the internal impedance to 7 ohms, which contributes to the improvement in the solidarity with transparency.

Low mass tip
Ogura PA (3 x 30um) tip shares many of the advantages of the flagship MC cartridge "The Orpheus". Its function is to reproduce the character of the original recorded sound - not add or subtract its own deficiencies.

Anti-resonance cartridge body
The solid cartridge body utilizes both shape and material to create a totally inert environment for the electromagnetic elements. These elements are more effectively insulated from arm, turntable and tracing noises, further reducing any tonal coloration of the music and lessening the illusion of distracting mechanical noises.

Design: Yokeless double-ring magnet musically natural MC cartridge
Body: Aluminum, resonance controlled
Cantilever: 0.3mm diameter solid boron
Stylus: PA (3 x 30um), solid diamond
Core/coils: High grade permalloy square core with pure silver coils
Magnet: Neodymium (rear) & Samarium cobalt (front)
Weight: 7.8g
Output voltage: 0.4mV (3.54cm/sec, 1kHz)
Internal impedance: 1-2 ohms
Frequency response: 10Hz - 20kHz +1.5dB / 20Hz - 40kHz +2dB
Channel separation: Greater Than 27dB, 200Hz - 1kHz
Channel balance: Less Than 0.5dB, 1kHz
Tracking ability at 315Hz at the tracking force of 2g: Greater Than 70um
Dynamic compliance: 12 x 10 to the minus 6cm/dyne

Product Reviews:
"ORG's excellent 180gm reissue of Diana Krall's The Look of Love (Verve) sounded just about right through the Phoenix. Krall's voice was projected forward of a line drawn between the speakers, finely focused in three-dimensional space. Sibilants were sharp but cleanly rendered, and her breathy voice projected just the right balance of chest and throat. Lucky Elvis Costello!" - Michael Fremer, Stereophile June 2009

"The Transfiguration Phoenix resolved a lot of inner detail and did an oustanding job of separating tightly mixed instruments occupying the same spatial and tonal territory... Frank Zappa may have become a digital devotee late in life, but I bet he'd be thrilled with the sound of this reissue played back via the Poenix. I don't care how many times you've played your original pressing of Hot Rats - and I've plyed mine plenty - I guarantee you'll hear things from this reissue you've never heard before. Every one of those things that I heard through my reference system I also heard through the Phoenix. Another great cartridge from Transfiguration." - Michael Fremer, Stereophile June 2009


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Cápsula MC 0.4mv.PVP: 2.900 €. Our stock is always NEW Fresh Stock from the factory.

The Mk 2 version has improved Suspension properties and revised purity coil windings