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Sistema de audio integrado. Amplificación 75w por canal.Preamplificación a válvulas. Lector sacd/cd. Radio AM/FM. Altavoces de 2 vías

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Integrated Audio System
The MXA60 Integrated Audio System is shipping NOW
Click on the "Resource" tab below for a video interview conducted by Fox Business with McIntosh President Charlie Randall and the MXA60!

Constructed in celebration of our 60th year in business, and wrapped in our trademark casework of stainless steel, black glass and blue lights, the new MXA60 Integrated Audio System from McIntosh challenges old notions about what constitutes serious audio hardware. Capable of true-to-life sound reproduction that belies its diminutive size (the product measures 22.5” long, 10.6” high, and 14.9” deep, including loudspeakers), the MXA60 is a full-blown McIntosh HIFI in-miniature. Now, perhaps for the first time, music aficionados need not trade performance for convenience. Conceived and executed by the same team responsible for the $250,000 McIntosh Reference System, the MXA60 stands ready to introduce a whole new range of music lovers to the pleasures of owning a hand-made audio system; a system steeped in the McIntosh traditions of unerring quality and value; a system that is built to last a lifetime.

MXA60 Features

Amplifier and Preamplifier
At the core of the MXA60 is a 75 watt per channel, complementary-balanced amplifier. ThermalTrak™ Output Transistors are utilized for improved bias stability and enhanced low level linearity. The McIntosh Power Assurance System: Sentry Monitor fuse-less short circuit protection; Power Guard anti-clipping circuit and peak-reading Wattmeters, insure trouble free operation and low distortion performance over the long term. A hybrid preamplifier with input switching, tone controls, and a host of other user-adjustable parameters is integral to the amplifier chassis. Very low noise solid state input circuitry and a vacuum tube assisted line stage give the MXA60 the bandwidth and transparency for which McIntosh components are noted.

CD/SACD Player
The CD/SACD player features an all-metal drive mechanism set in a heavy, die-cast base that resists resonance for superior read accuracy while 24-bit, 192 kHz Burr Brown DACS deliver wide dynamic range and extremely low distortion. The MXA60 drive reads SACD, hybrid SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW discs.

AM/FM Tuner
A software-controlled, chip-based AM/FM tuner combines outstanding reception capability with remarkable sound quality. A McIntosh RAA2 remote AM antenna module (included) provides dramatically superior AM reception when installed remotely.

Specially designed 2-way loudspeakers, featuring select driver elements and custom cabinetry, achieve an unusually rich and impactful level of performance. High-excursion mid/woofers boast very large motors for low distortion at realistic sound pressure levels. A ¾” titanium dome tweeter features frequency response to 45 kHz and features a magnetic-fluid cooled voice coil that helps avoid energy-robbing thermal compression. Custom, cast aluminum enclosures are designed to inhibit resonance and provide a tilt option to match the swept stance of the electronics. The loudspeakers are finished in a luxurious, high gloss piano black.

MXA60 Specifications
  • 75 Watts/Channel Output
    • Two-way Loudspeaker System
    • Cast Aluminum Loudspeaker Construction
    • Loudspeaker Tilt
    • CD/SACD Player
    • 24-bit, 192kHz Sampling Burr Brown DAC
    • AM/FM Tuner with RBDS Display
    • Custom IR Remote Control
    • Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Input
    • Line Level Output
    • Vacuum Tube Preamplifier
    • ThermalTrak™ Output Transistors
    • Power Guard
    • Two line Vacuum Fluorescent Display
    • Illuminated Output Watt Meters
    • R-Core Power Transformer
    • ¼” Headphone Jack
  • MXA60 Reviews and Awards

    Leading luxury lifestyle blog, AOL's, published a story about the MXA60. The author received a demo of the system at McIntosh Authorized Dealer, Natural Sound, in Framingham, CT and was blown away by its quality and performance. The story, which includes a photo gallery with 19 images, is a very detailed piece that does a good job of describing the history and audio pedigree of McIntosh. Of the MXA60, he writes:
    "There's a tightness to the sound, everything is well controlled, and the soundstage is wide and beautiful. We were digging the rhythm section, and when the singer first came in, it was as if she were standing four feet in front of the band, inches from where we were."

    Read the article in its entirety at the link below:



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    Sistema de audio integrado. Amplificación 75w por canal.Preamplificación a válvulas. Lector sacd/cd. Radio AM/FM. Altavoces de 2 vías