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Soporte para auriculares,construido en madera. Incluye funda para cubrir los auriculares y soporte

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Sieveking Sound Omega

El Omega está completamente hecho en Alemania y construido de una a partir de una sola pieza, pegado con lacas certificadas para el uso en juguetes de niños.

Se entrega en una funda de franela sin teñir. Esta bolsa es ideal como protección contra la luz y el polvo del Omega y los auriculares que descansa sobre él.

Este soporte para auriculares es ideal para cada usuario que no quiere ver sus auriculares en cualquier esquina y está orgulloso de enseñar su pasión por la música, tener sus auriculares bien colocados,y sea facil de recogerlos,para tenerlos siempre disponibles.

La superficie plana del Omega ofrece la presión necesaria a las almohadillas, manteniendo la forma natural del auricular durante mucho más tiempo. El Omega es suficientemente amplio para soportar grandes auriculares como por ejemplo Sennheisser HD 800 o los modelos redondos de Stax.

Tenga en cuenta que la madera es un material vivo que tiende a oscurecerse cuando se expone a la luz del sol. 

El Omega también reaccionará a los cambios de humedad y temperatura y tenga en cuenta que la unidad puede tener cierta desviación cuando lo reciba. 

Usted puede correguir el Omega manualmente para rectificar esta situación.


Detailed Description

The Sieveking Sound Omega Headphone Stand  made its debut at the 2009 Munich High End Show and the response has been enthusiastic. The Omega is made in Germany from a steam molded, single piece of wood coated with a matte clear lacquer. The Omega's are packaged within a pouch of undyed flannel which can also double to cover your stand and headphones, protecting them from light and dust.

The flat surfaces of the Omega helps prolong the life of your headphones by exerting even pressure to the earpads which will help keep their shape much longer. The Omega is large enough to support very large headphones like a Sennheiser HD 800 or even the round models by STAX as well.

The Omega's design has been granted a design trademark by the European Union! This stand is ideal for any serious listener who does not want to see their headphones discarded in some corner but is proud to show one's love for music.

"The finish is flawless, the material natural, the design elegantly timeless and simple. You'd say Scandinavian if it weren't German." - Srajan Ebaen, sixmoon

"I recently purchased a new super-dooper headphone stand. Yes, I said headphone stand. My new AKG’s have never felt so good... The new German manufactured headphone stand has improved my overall feeling of musicality and natural beauty. I recommend everyone go out and purchase one soon." - Jeff M., actual Elusive Disc customer

• Made In Germany
• Perfectly shaped to not stretch your headphone headband.
• Wide and perfectly flat sides put even pressure on the earpads.
• Fits most headphones!
• Undyed flannel protective pouch to cover your stand and headphones
• Available in 4 Finishes: (Pictured below, from left to right) walnut, zebrano, Cherry and Maple

Common Questions:
Question: Will the Omega hold extra large headphones like the round Stax types or the Sennheiser HD 800?
Answer: Yes – these headphones fit without trouble.

Question: Won’t the tension on the spring loading wear out the headphones over time?
Answer: Any headphone is designed to be worn on a human head for many hours with comfort and during these hours there is no loss of tension in the spring. The Omega headphone stand features a smaller opening angle than the human head and thus puts less tension on the headphone than you personally would when wearing the headphone.

Question: Is there any glossy or painted version available?
Answer: All the Omega units come with real wood veneer coated with a matte clear lacquer. Unlike with glossy or painted versions this has got the advantage of not showing off grease, dust and dandruff that were transported from the pads of your headphone onto the stand. Upon closer inspection this is a major advantage over any versions in glass or acrylic.

6.5" L x 6.5" H x 4.75" W


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Soporte para auriculares,construido en madera. Incluye funda para cubrir los auriculares y soporte