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Cable USB A/B con apantallamiento activo y módulos enigma.

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Descripción del fabricante:

El primer cable USB 2.0 activo, Active Firewire 800 y Active Thunderbolt Cables de Synergistic Research son solo algunos de los nuevos productos de la categoría Digital Power Tools.

El lanzamiento de la primera Digital Power Tool comenzó con la presentación de "The Music Cable", una galardonada solución de audio para computadora plug-and-play seguida de The Tranquility Base y, ahora, una línea completa de cables digitales blindados activamente diseñados y sonorizados para audio de la computadora: cables digitales USB 2.0, Firewire 800 y Thunderbolt:

Core USB Active

USB Active SE con circuitos de ajuste Enigma

Firewire 800 Active SE con circuitos de ajuste Enigma

Thunderbolt Active SE con circuitos de ajuste Enigma

Lo más destacado de la reseña de Andy Schaub:

"Suena muy bien, mejor que mi Cynosure v2, y se ha convertido en mi nuevo estándar de referencia"

"Muy asequible para un cable de este calibre"

"Para mi gran sorpresa, cuando una canción terminó, comencé a levantarme para cambiar el disco. ¡Entonces recordé que estaba tocando el servidor de música! "

"Tener un hermoso sentido de floración o floración sin ser excesivamente exagerado"

Herramientas de energía digital de SYNERGISTIC RESEARCH

"Escucho mucha más separación estéreo que antes; pero, también, más imágenes y sonido "

"Sonó genial, muy exuberante y muy analógico"

"Sin embargo, necesito dejar una cosa perfectamente clara: no es mi imaginación. Estas balas de ajuste realmente hacen una diferencia en el sonido, incluso en un cable digital; exactamente cómo lo hacen, no tengo ni idea ".

"Suena bastante maravilloso con la bocina teniendo exactamente la" bocina "correcta y un bajo agradable y profundo"

"Realmente hay una cantidad de detalles extraordinaria, pero al mismo tiempo, una profundidad y riqueza con el sonido que ahora escucho"


Manufacturer's Description:

NEW Category – Digital Power Tools

The World’s first Active USB 2.0 Cable, Active Firewire 800 and Active Thunderbolt Cables from Synergistic Research are just some of the new products in the Digital Power Tools category.

The release of the first Digital Power Tool started with the introduction of “The Music Cable” an award winning plug-and-play computer audio solution followed by The Tranquility Base and and now, a full line of Actively shielded digital cables engineered and voiced for computer audio – USB 2.0, Firewire 800 and Thunderbolt digital cables:

  • Core USB Active
  • USB Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits
  • Firewire 800 Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits
  • Thunderbolt Active SE with Enigma tuning circuits

Enigma Tuning Bullets


Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, all Active SR cables are shipping with their new UEF Tuning Modules. In this new higher performance series only Gray and Silver Tuning Modules are available (Black has been discontinued as it was little used in practice.) These new modules can be used with any older Active Cables which had provision for Tuning Modules, and are available separately at a cost of $125 per cable for two modules  ($249 for a pair of cables - 4 modules).



Highlights from Andy Schaub’s review:

“It sounds very good, better than my Cynosure v2, and has become new my reference standard”

Quite affordable for a cable of this caliber

To my great surprise, when one song ended, I started to get up to flip the record. Then I remembered that I was playing the music server!

Have lovely sense of bloom or blossom without being overly exaggerated

Synergistic Research Digital Power Tools

I hear much more stereo separation than I had before; but, also, more imaging and soundstaging

It sounded great, very lush, and very analog

I do, however, need to make one thing perfectly clear: it’s not my imagination. These tuning bullets really do make a difference in the sound, even on a digital cable; exactly how they do so, I have no idea.

Sounds quite wonderful with the horn having exactly the right “honkiness” and nice, deep bass

There’s really quite an extraordinary amount of detail but at the same time, a depth and richness to the sound that I now hear

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USB Cable Shootout

The Contenders
Audioquest Diamond USB Cable
Price: $695 for 1.5 meter

Synergistic Research USB Active SE Cable with Enigma Tuning Circuits
Price: $595 1 meter; Upgrade Active Shield Power Supply-Galileo MPC $400

Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Cable
Price: 599.95 for 1 meter

The topic of audiophile USB cables seems to elicit endless debate from computer audio enthusiasts. Many heated arguments have taken place at internet audio forums arguing the merits of these cables. There are those that feel that the improvements heard by using an upgraded USB cable versus a standard Belkin printer cable are purely imaginary.

I feel that significant differences in sound do exist with these three audiophile cables when compared to my Belkin Gold USB cable. I have yet to hear a single USB DAC that is immune to the effects of USB interconnect cables. Apparently I’m not alone in this belief. Most of the manufacturers of high end audiophile cables now offer USB cables that they feel offer significant improvements in sound quality over the standard USB printer cable.

I have chosen three well known cable manufacturers for their top-of-the-line USB products. All of these cables support the USB Audio Class 2 High Speed specification standard necessary for satisfactory reproduction up to 384kHz/24 files. The three cables auditioned have unique designs that result in different sonic characteristics.

As I began listening to these cables, I discovered that there was no clear super-star among them. While they all were good sounding, different DACs sounded best with certain cables. I know that many of you, including the manufacturers aren’t going to like this. After all, it’s my job to proclaim a winner and make a recommendation for what you should purchase. The problem is that the real world doesn’t work like this.

I listened to 5 different DACs with each of these cables in the hopes of discovering and identifying the particular sonic characteristics of the cables. I also wanted to see if there were synergistic relationships between the different DACs and a particular cable. The DACs used were the Wavelength Crimson Denominator/Silver, the AcousticPlan DigiMaster with PowerMaster supply, the Playback Designs MPS-3, The Light Harmonic Da Vinci, and the MSB Technology The Analog DAC.

General Cable Descriptions


Audioquest Diamond USB Cable
The Diamond is Audioquest’s best USB cable offering in their family of 5 USB cables. 100% solid silver wires with Audioquest’s Perfect Surface technology are utilized in this design. The patented Dielectric Bias System with a battery providing 72 volts that is applied to the Solid High Density Polyethylene insulation resulting in minimization of energy storage in the insulation and multiple nonlinear time-delays that degrade cable performance. Audioquest states that the battery will last for years since the negative terminal of the battery is connected to a center cable and the positive to the bias shield with no closed circuit. Audiquest provides a test button-LED to perform periodic battery checks. The connectors have direct silver plating. Audioquest states that their cable has been tested to support the USB 2.0 High Speed specification.

Synergistic Research USB Active SE Cable with Enigma Tuning Circuits
The Active SE cable is Synergistic Research’s 2nd generation USB cable and the first to offer their Active Shielding. The Active Shielding is a closed circuit that applies DC current with a buffer circuit between the shield and ground and separate conductors carrying the ground signal. Synergistic feels that the Active Shield reduces noise and improves frequency extension with enhanced detail. The power for the Active Shield is provided by a supplied MPC (Mini Power Coupler). Fine tuning of this cable is possible with the supplied 2 Enigma Tuning Bullets. These small devices attach to the cable enabling one to “fine tune” the sound of the cable. The Grey Bullet is the standard to start with and is considered to be neutral while the Silver Bullet adds high end extension. A Black bullet is available for those that desire a warmer sound. Synergistic Research offers an upgraded MPC for an additional $400 that is called the Galileo. The Galileo is totally rebuilt with upgraded components that are designed to improve all aspects of the Active Shielding. I was provided both the MPC and Galileo MPC for comparisons in this review.

There is a new power supply offered by Synergistic Research called the Transporter. I’ve been told the Transporter is even better sounding than the Galileo MPC. It can power the following:

  • 14 outputs for Active AC Power Cords
  • 20 outputs for Active Interconnects, Speaker Cables, Tranquility Bases, and Galileo Universal Cable Cells

Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB Cable
The Platinum Starlight USB cable uses 6 solid silver wires wound in Wireworld’s DNA Helix (patent pending) conductor geometry that claims to preserve sqarewaves nearly perfectly. The cable is flat with physical separation of the signal conductors from the power conductor allowing Wireworld cables to support longer distances than typical USB cables. Wireworld also claims that all of their USB models exceed the USB 2.0 High Speed specification. Beautiful carbon fiber connection plugs are used with gold plated contacts. Wireworld’s explanation:

“The DNA Helix™ design maximizes transmission speed while minimizing noise, thus reducing digital jitter to provide substantial overall improvements in sound quality. Another special feature of the cable is a power conductor that is fully isolated from the signal conductors to preserve signal purity.”
The Sound

The Audioquest Diamond
The Audioquest Diamond’s greatest sonic attribute is its extreme smoothness in the midrange and high end that at the same time, is detailed and very revealing. The Diamond is not a warm sounding cable nor does it roll off transients. Bass is well defined with a very slight fullness of the real thing. The soundstage is large with excellent width and depth.

The Diamond excelled at separating complex musical passages with multiple instruments and voices. It always delivered a detailed, but relaxed presentation.

The Wavelength Crimson Denominator Silver and the Playback Designs MPS-3 mated beautifully with the Diamond. The Diamond brought out the best from these two DACS and was my personal choice for these DACs.

The Wireworld Platinum Starlight
Wireworld appears to be correct when they state that their cable not only minimizes jitter, but does not round off square waves. The Platinum Starlight is the ‘fastest” sounding of the three cables reviewed, and offers outstanding definition and resolution. Subtle dynamic shadings are beautifully rendered as well as macro and micro dynamic changes. The pace and rhythm of this cable was exemplary and probably, in my opinion, second to none. Bass reproduction was the best controlled and tightest of the three cables reviewed. The soundstage rendition was, like the Audioquest Diamond, wide and deep. The Platinum was excellent at unraveling complex music passages.

The Platinum is not a bright cable nor is it ever hard sounding. It does not add warmth or add excessive smoothness to the sound. This is one revealing cable that will allow one to hear all the detail present on a recording.

The AcousticPlan DigiMaster and the Light Harmonic Da Vinci sounded wonderful with the Platinum Starlight. The relaxed presentation of these two DACs was preserved with richness to the sound. The Da Vinci, probably the most revealing DAC I have yet experienced, loved the transient speed and detail of the Platinum Starlight. The extreme black quiet background of the Da Vinci was complemented by the Platinum Starlight as was the magnificent soundstage reproduction.

The Synergistic Research USB Active SE with Enigma Tuning Circuits
I saved this cable for last as it is the most complex of the three cables to review and a bit of a sonic chameleon. The choice of the standard MPC or Galileo MPC and the 3 Enigma Tuning Circuits offer a variety of available sonic presentations.

The sonic characteristic of this cable that stuck with me the most was the richness of sound and analog character of the cable. The midrange of this cable can sound absolutely beautiful and revealing at the same time. Sound staging was not only wide, but extremely deep in presentation. The deep black background offered by this cable is very impressive. The Synergistic was never hard sounding or excessively rounded at the high end. Transients were well reproduced with excellent dynamics both macro and micro. The bass was well defined and not overly lean.

The standard MPC delivered the above qualities, but the cable really bloomed with the Galileo MPC. The Galileo offered a larger soundstage, deeper black background, and superior resolution and detail compared to the standard MPC.

At first I was put off by the Enigma Tuning Circuits as I felt Synergistic Research should decide how their cable should sound. But as I played with the Silver and Grey Tuning bullets, I came to really enjoy employing this feature. The Silver bullet offered a lighter, quicker sound with the largest soundstage. The Grey bullet offered a richer, slightly warmer sound that did not roll off the high end, but seemed to reduce hardness if present. The Black bullet was definitely darker or warmer sounding at the expense of a slight amount of detail reproduction. Using these 3 tuning devices offered one the ability to get the most out of the cable.

The DAC that sounded the best with the Synergistic Research USB Active SE was the MSB Technology The Analog DAC. Without giving away my upcoming review of The Analog DAC, let’s just say this DAC loved the Synergistic USB cable. The soundstage was absolutely the best with this cable as was the delivery of a dynamic defined bass. The rich revealing midrange of the Synergistic was a perfect mate with The Analog DAC. The Silver Enigma bullet brought out the best high end detail and largest soundstage of the three cables when used with The Analog DAC.

I am certain that any one of these cables would satisfy the vast majority of audiophiles. But I hope I have made it clear that there is a matching process that can elevate and enhance the performance of a given DAC. I was very impressed with the sonic performance I was able to obtain from the five DACs tested when the “best” USB cable match was found. Auditioning these cables with your DAC, while time consuming, will be well rewarded.

In the future, all of my DAC reviews will include my choice of the preferred sounding USB cable. Hopefully, this will offer a starting point for our readers to explore what is possible with their particular DAC.


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Cable USB A/B con apantallamiento activo y módulos enigma.

Última unidad disponible en 2 metros de longitud.

Última unidad !! - En liquidación por descatalogación. Producto precintado