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Conversor digital-analógico USB 24 bits/96Khz con previo de phono para digitalizar vinilos.Amplificador de auriculares USB. PVP:500 € STOCK INMEDIATO.

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Furutech ADL GT40

Tested at £395

Product of the Year, Awards 2011. An unusually specified product that turns out not only to be a jack of most trades, but a master of them, too

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  • Impressively talented
  • wide range of functions
  • excellent build and finish


  • Phono stage lacks a little openness

This clever little box of tricks from high-end accessory specialist Furutech is a 24Bit/96kHz DAC with headphone amplifier, moving coil and magnet phono stage.

You can also use it to digitise vinyl for recording on a computer or as a rather oddly configured preamp in a hi-fi system.

Master of all trades
It’s a real Swiss Army knife of a product – and it performs admirably. The on-board DAC is excellent.

We got great results with both a WAV file of Regina Spektor’s recently released Live in London set and a 24bit/88.2 kHz recording of Maeve O’Boyle’s All My Sins.

There’s plenty of detail, excellent definition of leading edges and a good dose of refinement.

The GT40’s presentation errs on the polite side of ideal, but there’s still enough energy to keep us happy.

If this unit were judged solely on DAC performance it does enough for a five-star verdict. But it’s way more than that…

A headphone amp too
The headphone amp is equally good. This unit had no trouble driving a wide range of cans and delivered plenty of refinement. Add it up and it makes for great long-term listening experience.

The on-board phono stage doesn’t hit the same heights. It lacks a little transparency, but considering the price, it’s more than acceptable.

Using the on-board analogue-to-digital converter we were able to make some decent recordings on our laptop from our reference Clearaudio turntable.

The ADL GT40 even makes a decent makeshift preamp, provided the partnering power amplifier has enough gain.

All in all, then, it’s highly recommended.

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Convertidor digital analógico USB 24bits/96Khz con previo de phono.

El GT40 armoniza archivos informáticos con entradas analógicas.

Construido para entusiastas que almacenan una gran colección de música en el disco duro de su ordenador.  Es un aparato de alto nivel, a 24bits/96Khz a un precio realmente económico (PVP: 500 €), que garantiza la máxima calidad en procesos de converción DA (como por ejemplo, el traspaso de LP´s a disco duro).

Construido con especificaciones de nivel audiófilo, el GT40 incorpora drivers de audio USB 2.0 de baja latencia y graba y reproduce a 96Khz. Incluye además un previo de phono  MM/MC low noise para obtener el máximo rendimiento en el proceso de conversión de vinilos a archivos digitales vía USB.

El GT40 incluye además salidas y entradas ópticas combinadas con salida L/R analógicas en RCA y entrada de phono/línea conmutable. El vívido sonido sumado a la amplia capacidad de conectividad es algo totalmente desconocido en su categoría.

El GT40 (conectado con un USB GT2 de Furutech, por supuesto) proporciona la proverbial claridad, suavidad y detalle de Furutech a su equipo de música,  especialmente trabajando en alta resolución (24bits/96KHz), aunque  su sonido es también impecable y musical en 16bits/44.1Khz.

Pequeño, económico y fácil de situar..

A/V Guide Review
The GT40 brings High End sound to your system in the following way: Recall any visit to a fellow audio enthusiast’s home. As music plays you can immediately hear if the sound “sets up” in an audiophile way: A sense of spaciousness, imaging, out-of-the-speaker sound, open highs and an inviting midrange over tight bass. The ADL GT40 brings Furutech’s signature sound of smooth, wideband, detailed clarity to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24-bit/96kHz files, but music at 16/44.1 also sounds much improved. Your first impression will be that you’ve never experienced compute files sound so open!

Everything USB Review
You have what could be the ultimate audiophile dream come true! This really does sound like a radical departure from the everyday and maybe even herald in a paradigm shift with USB audio no longer being considered inferior devices!

Tech Radar Review
Deep bass is excellent, a touch better in our opinion than that of the semi-pro (Firewire) ADC we used for comparison and the treble is nicely open and clear.

AV Guide
"In the case of the GT40, we have what might arguably be the most versatile, performance-oriented desktop audio component any of us have yet seen."


Especificaciones GT40 USB DAC

• USB & Analog, Digital input/output multimedia audio system

• Connectivity: USB B Interface

Analog input/output RCA jack

Digital Input/output RCA jack

Digital Input/output TOS Link

• Sampling Frequency digital input: 24 bit, 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz

• Digital output: 96kHz (Max) supports 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz

• Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (40Hz: +0.5dB, 15kHz: -0.5dB)

• SN ratio: -90dB (A-wtd)

• Line Output Level: 1 Vrms

• Line Input Level: 1 Vrms

• Power Supply AC Adaptor

• Dimensions: 150(W) x 111(D) x 57(H) mm

• Weight: 680g


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Conversor digital-analógico USB 24 bits/96Khz con previo de phono para digitalizar vinilos.Amplificador de auriculares USB. PVP:500 € STOCK INMEDIATO.