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Altavoces de suelo,4 vías, 5-driver system, 91db. Una de los mejores altavoces del mundo

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Vivid Audio G2 Giya

 Vivid G2 Giya
























Vivid Audio's smaller version of the G1 Giya offers the looks and nearly all of the performance of the Gi Giya in a smaller package. At nearly 15 inches shorter than the G1, the Vivid G2 Giya is less visually imposing, and suitable for filling medium to large rooms with full, lively and unfatiguing sound.

Vivid Audio speakers in general are some of the most uncolored, accurate loudspeakers we at TweekGeek have ever heard. In fact we use the B-1 floorstanders as our reference monitors. They give you everything the music, and your system is capable of without coloration or editorialization. When paired with synergistic audio components and cables, they reward you with a lifelike naturalness and ease that no other speaker we have heard can. Up until now, it has been nearly impossible to find any audio component that satisfies the technical and the musical aspects we music lovers and audiophiles so desire. Something that measures well and is accurate, yet makes music that you can listen to for hours on end. Vivid audio has accomplished this. We highly recommend an auditioning the Vivid G2's if you are looking for a loudspeakers that is agile, dynamic, neutral and musical at the same time.

What differentiates the the G2 Giya from its big brother, the G1 Giya
Aside from the physical size and price, not much. The same front firing drivers in the G1 Giya are incorporated in the G2. They utilize the same crossover as well. The G2 Giya utilizes a smaller side-firing pair of woofers called the C175 (9 inch diameter as opposed to the 11 inch C225 used on the G1). They are positioned on either side of the enclosure near the base, and are are rigidly coupled together via a threaded rod connected to the magnet structure. As one C175 moves outward, the other is moving inward. This produces the reaction cancelling configuration Vivid is noted for. It eliminates direct excitation of the "shell" enclosure by the movement of the motor system (bass driver's motion). What is interesting about the C175 driver unit is while its radiating diameter is smaller than the C225, the motor structure is exactly the same size as the C225. So you have exactly the same size magnet and voice coil structure in the C175 as you do in the C225. The suspension on the C175 is identical also, providing the same, generous 50mm mechanical linear excursion rate. The G2 bass driver is capable of moving massive amounts of air.

The Vivid G2 crossover
True 4th order filters sum seamlessly throught each crossover point for symmetrical vertical coverage while the drives and curved enclosure yield a broad horizontal dispersion whose qualities yield a huge listening area and a smooth, well balanced in-room response. Hard wired crossovers built by hand impart a transparency of reproduction which is unequalled by other construction methods.

The "Shell" of the G2 Giya

The unique enclosure of the Vivid G2 Giya is built using fiber reinforced skins with a low density core, the shell has a stiffness to weight ration normally reserved for aerospace applications and a high dimensional accuracy on both external and internal surfaces through the use of a resin transfer molding process.


CONFIGURATION:4 way, 5 driver system
CABINET:Vacuum infused, carbon fibre reinforced, advanced composite
FINISH:Multi-component, high-gloss automotive
 Catenary Dome Profile
 Radially polarized, super flux magnet structure
 Isolating compliant mount
 Tapered Tube Loading
 Catenary Dome Profile
 Radially polarized, super flux magnet structure
 Isolating compliant mount
 Tapered Tube Loading
MID-BASS DRIVER: Vivid Audio C125S
 Short-Coil, long-gap motor design
 50 mm copper ribbon coil on a highly vented former
 Highly aligned chassis
 Radial magnet structure
 Isolating compliant mount
 Tapered Tube Loading
BASS DRIVERS: Two Vivid Audio C175, 9" drivers
 Short-Coil, long-gap motor design
 75 mm copper ribbon coilon a highly vented former
 Highly aligned chassis, Radial magnet structure
 Reaction cancelling compliant mount
BASS LOADING: Exponentially tapered tube absorber with critically tuned  reaction cancelling vents (patent pending)
SENSITIVITY:91 dB @ 2.83 Vrms and 1.0 meter on axis
IMPEDANCE:6 ohm nominal, 4 ohm minimum, low reactance
Frequency Range:-6 dB points, 29 - 36,000 Hz
Frequency Response:30 - 41,000 +/- 2 dB on reference axis
Harmonic Distortion:<0.5% over frequency range
Crossover Frequencies:220, 880 & 3,500 Hz
Power handling, watts rms:800 watts (music  program)
Dimensions: H x W x D(mm)54.45" (1383) x   14.2" (360) x  25.1 " (638)
Weight: (KG)300 (90) shipping  


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Altavoces de suelo,4 vías, 5-driver system, 91db. Una de los mejores altavoces del mundo