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Conector spade, conexión de señal mediante plata pura con revestimiento de platino.Compatible con cables de hasta 6mm cuadrados de sección.


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  • Conector de muy altas prestaciones con tecnología nextgen exclusiva de WBT.
  • Conexión de señal mediante plata pura con revestimiento de platino.
  • Cuerpo completamente aislado.
  • Clavija con alta capacidad de manejo de corriente.
  • Alta presión de sujeción del cable.
  • Compatible con cables de hasta 6 mm cuadrados de sección

El WBT 0661Ag es un conector de muy alta precisión y excepcionales prestaciones directamente. Utiliza un conductor de plata pura con un revestimiento de platino para evitar la pérdida de lustre, mientras que el uso de una clavija con una elevada capacidad de manejo de corriente equipada con un amortiguador de impactos elastomérico facilita una presión de contacto progresiva que permite eliminar el ruido estructural y aéreo, así como también la magnetoestricción. 



WBT-0661/-0681 Ag

»  High-current spade
»  Signal conductor made of fine silver
»  Sandwich spade for constantly high contact pressure
»  Elastomer oscillation damper for superb vibration damping and fracture resistance
»  CE and IEC compliant
»  Crimping using the WBT double Torx screw system


nextgen™ Sandwich Spade: NEW Version!
Signature spade made from fine silver

nextgen™ - The next generation of WBT connectors
» more about the awards

It was turn for the well-tried WBT Sandwich Spades to undergo their very special 'nextgen' update. The signal conductors (of the Ag versions) have always been built by fine silver and their construction already was based on the minimal mass principle. New thing is that the base body of the spade now represents a nearly metal-free construction to become a 100% nextgen connector. You will certainly enjoy a much more detailed and spacious sound performance of your HiFi set!

The key of the superb quality of this spade lies in the patented* Sandwich design of its contact fork: Elastomer oscillation dampers eliminate airborne noise and mechanical vibrations as well as magnetostrictions. This ensures almost total suppression of contact microphonics, and there is no interfering ancillary noise. The fracture resistance of the connection is improved at the same time. The sandwich design of the contact forks with elastomer inserted in a steel cap generates high and uniform contact pressure while minimising transition resistance. Four punched contact points on the bottom of the fork ensure precision contact. The quality of signal transmission is markedly improved, particularly with high currents or small voltages. The surface of the silver conductor is protected against oxidation by a platinum surface coating to underpin the low transition resistance levels in the long term.

The spade is connected to the cable by means of crimping. The two Torx screws with fine thread are making for a reliable connection with high tensile strength.

The plug elements are fully insulated and meet the CE and IEC safety requirements.

* EP Patent no. 1 066 660, US patent no. 6,319,078

Fork widths: WBT-0661 Ag 6 mm fork (1/4 inch)
WBT-0681 Ag 8 mm fork (1/3 inch)
Conductor cross section (max.): 10 mm² (7 AWG)
Connection technology: crimping
Identification: red, white or black
Recommended tool:

> Torx T6 wrench WBT-0488
(supplied with each end consumer package)

> Torque screwdriver WBT-0481
for professional OEM mounting

> Crimping pliers WBT-0403,
also see crimping set WBT-0411


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Conector spade, conexión de señal mediante plata pura con revestimiento de platino.Compatible con cables de hasta 6mm cuadrados de sección.